“Hope” Gatepost Community Art Exhibition

The first Gatepost Art Exhibition was held over the weekend 1st – 3rd January 2021 to start off a new year of hope. As things turned out, we were able to hold it, socially distanced, just before the third national pandemic lock-down was announced.

45 artists aged from two to over eighty took part and 75 artworks were shown. You can see a catalogue of the work by clicking this link.

Organiser and resident artist Phil Barton said: “Working with neighbours we organised this show to bring us together in a creative and positive way as the hugely challenging 2020 becomes the new opportunity of 2021.  We were delighted at the enthusiasm, skills and creativity of our neighbours from many cultures, from young children to established artists, which was on show in our streets at the beginning of the year.

Gatepost Exhibition moves to Platt Hall