Carbon Literacy Training

In 2019, Schuster Road and Park Range Residents Group agreed to undertake carbon literacy training as part of their commitment to improving their community.

The initiative is linked to the community yarn bombing which took place in 2019 where local residents knitted the effect of sea level rises on marine life and the seas and the planet.

The training will take place in 2020 and will help understand what a carbon footprint is, why we need to reduce and commit to actions to reduce our carbon footprint both as an individual and as a group. The training helps individuals understand how some countries in the world have very small carbon footprints and are very vulnerable to climate change and how important it is to build social justice into world efforts to tackle the climate emergency.

Funding was obtained from the Neighbourhood Investment Fund. Manchester City Council declared a Climate Energy in July 2019. Every Ward in the City is required to make a response