47 Trees for Sir Gerald Kaufmann

Arising from a series of ‘Rusholme Rising’ community creative learning sessions held in the spring of 2017, the proposal is the first phase of a ten year effort to plant one tree for every resident in Rusholme. You can see the prospectus here

Planting trees is both an excellent way to honour our MP and to take action for the climate emergency.

Once the 47 trees are planted, it is intended that they will be yarn bombed by members of the local knitting community in Rusholme. This Art Installation will link all the trees through colourful yarn bombing. It is intended that a map will be provided so that it will be possible to walk and see all 47 trees and the Yarn Bombing. (Insert link to the Carbon Literacy page on yarn bombing).

Project Prospectus:

Birchfields Park

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