47 Trees for Sir Gerald Kaufmann

Arising from a series of ‘Rusholme Rising’ community creative learning sessions held in the spring of 2017, the proposal is the first phase of a ten year effort to plant one tree for every resident in Rusholme. You can see the prospectus through the link on the right.

As of May 2021, five years after the prospectus was launched, well over 100 trees have been planted in the wider Rusholme area, the 47 Trees project has achieved its objective and we are now on our way towards planting 470 trees! But at the same time, many of our existing trees have been lost or are threatened through ignorance and lack of care for our community – and most trees in the area have woefully inadequate protection.

Planting trees is both an excellent way to honour our former MP and to take action for the climate emergency. On 21st June a dedication event will be held at Birch Community Center and further details are here.

The project has been a group effort involving many local residents, Friends of both Birchfields and Platt Fields Parks,Residents Associations in West Point and Schuster Road/Park Range, Trinity House and Manchester City Council.

Project Prospectus:

Birchfields Park

Tree planting in Birchfields Park, December 2019. Seven trees for the project were planted by local residents and Friends of the Park.

Pastor David Abrahamse and Councillor Jill Lovesy plant a yew tree in the grounds of New Apostolic Church in Park Range in memory of Sir Gerald Kaufman in the presence of members of the congregation and residents, April 2018.

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