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Imagine Rusholme, two community based positive action conferences, were held in 2012 to identify improvements for the area.

Appreciative Practice is a solutions based approach to community challenges, which is used all around the world. It involves a 4 D cycle:



Design &


In 2012, the European Appreciative Inquiry Network was held in Manchester. As part of the ‘gift’ aspect of this conference, two delegates met community representatives in Rusholme, using Appreciative Inquiry methods to demonstrate how they might benefit the community.  And so began the 2012 Rusholme Appreciative Inquiry.

Two inquiry sessions were held in the spring and the autumn and over a hundred residents, local councillors, public sector officers, members of voluntary and community organisations and small businesses attended.

Discover: many stories of successful community working in Rusholme were voiced.

Dream: residents and local organisations dreamed a proudly diverse, rubbish free, green and vibrant Rusholme. Using open space techniques, the facilitators identified what community dreams had most energy behind them in the room.

Design: Key systemic interventions identified

Destiny: seven workstreams emerged with local people volunteering to take part, one of which was Creative Rusholme.

The evaluation of the two workshops was extremely positive. Out of the good energy and solutions focused orientation, the community project Upping It was formed a year later.

Further information

A video of the Imagine Rusholme event compiled by John Popham is available here:

A full report of the event compiled by Sue Devlin is available from: The report give an idea of the work covered including the  Creative Rusholme workstreams.

All artist’s drawings copyright Kate Sibthorpe 2012

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