Treasures of Rusholme & Victoria Park 2017

This calendar was produced by Creative Rusholme as part of our mission to raise the profile of our community and to develop the huge cultural potential of our neighbourhood on Manchester’s Southern Corridor.  With two galleries, three parks, a major conservation area, residents from all over the world, including many thousands of young people and on a major transport route to the hospitals, universities and through to the city centre, Rusholme has it all!  And we’d like everyone to know it.

The Treasures are shown in the photos above. Can you recognise these places in Rusholme? You can find the Calendar and answers here!

The Treasures of Rusholme and Victoria Park support the idea of Arts based regeneration which is explored in the Creative Rusholme Feasibility Study. It provides an example of how using the physical treasures of Rusholme could be linked to encouraging people to walk around Rusholme and to use the many restaurants, shops and cafes that exist. We hope that one of the local cultural institutions will turn this concept into a reality.




Please see the excellent Rusholme archive which has been compiled by local resident, Bruce Anderson.  Here you will find much more about the heritage of Rusholme and Victoria Park – its history, people, parks and buildings – including many of those featured in this calender.  Please do take a look.


If you would like to take a more active interest in the heritage and the future of Rusholme, please consider joining the Rusholme & Fallowfield Civic Society which has been working tirelessly since 1969 to protect and improve the area.  Membership costs little and will help the society to prosper.  More details:


All our three parks featured in the calendar have friends groups working with the community and the City Council to look after and improve our wonderful parks:

Friends of Platt Fields

Friends of Birchfields Park:

Friends of Whitworth Park:





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